I was watching the “Big League World Series” (17-18 version of Little League WS High school field) and there was a kid from Puerto Rico who was like 17 5-10 169 pounds and he threw 90-92 consistently and had a curve like Barry Zito and pin point control like Maddux and Moyer, he also had amazing late movement. IT WAS AWESOME. His brother plays for the Nationals. He was really good. All these kids were amazing. One kid for the South Carolina team could throw 94-95 with a good slider, I think he was going to Clemsom next year as a RF

Why as a right fielder? Yeah the puertorican kid is good. They’re all good your right. But thats a country vs. a state

the reason he will play RF is because he has amazing arm and he’s hitting .500 against the pitchers in here who throw anywhere from 86-94. The TV commentators said he could be the next Micah Owings and play both ways in college and be a valuable pinch hitter/pitcher in the pros

they have alot of mistakes in this game for kids who are all D1 D2 prospects. Like bloop singles in the infield and grounders that eat em up. Not saying I could do better but you expect more from D1 D2 prospects.

South Carolina scored 5 runs in the bottom of the 7th and won 5-4

It’s a U.S. Territory vs. a U.S. State.

No its Country vs. US becuase Puerto Rico beat Dominican Repuplic. But in this case is was Territory vs State. But really Puerto Rico is also a country

Puerto Rico is not a country

Its not? So its a province? Well any ways they had to compete in the International bracket.

It is an unincorporated US Territory which means they belong to the US but are not part of the US (No representation… what irony).

People there are considered U.S. Citizens though and I believe they get to vote. Same type thing as the U.S. Virgin islands.

But don’t you need a passport to go to Puerto Rico?

No. I don’t believe so.

Meh, The best peurto ricans are playing in edmonton right now at that age level I believe.

then you haven’t seen these Puerto Ricans. Not to offend you or anything, but why would the play in Edmonton when they could play in the US and go to a real baseball school? But I think the best college baseball in Canada would lose to the best D3 school in the US.

Awww poor Canada. But come on look at NYS baseball. Its horrible compared to down south. We can’t play all year round. Canadas even colder.

Well at least Canadian basektball is better than ours. :smiley: :smiley:

Bower just wait until you come to Wyoming. They don’t even have a HS program sponsored by the state. Just Legion.

its a couple posts back sorry…
but you dont need a passport for puerto rico its a huge ad campaign they have for people to go there…

ok thanks wasn’t sure

Well no duh, since no good canadians play ball in canada? and for the world junior AAA championships…