Omg tim mccarver!

Listening and watching the Phils game, I can’t help notice how bad Tim McCarver is at announcing. He says the wrong pitches, speaks misinformation, talks about pitches the pitchers don’t even know how to through, and just makes a big fool of himself on national t.v. It’s hard to pinpoint certain things, but this just sort of erupted out of me when he said “I don’t know what pitch he (Hamels) threw, it looked like a cut fastball.”

Hamels doesn’t throw a cut fastball and it was 80 mph and sinking. It was extremely obvious it was a changeup, and even with the “C” and the “T” that is the strikezone graphic thingy, Tim still couldn’t spell “cat.”

I respect him as a catcher, but he can’t announce.

EDIT: Tim just said on Madson’s first pitch that he has the best changeup on the staff. Possible, but it’s extremely debatable, considering he just watched Cole Hamels. I guess I should rest my case. After all, he IS throwing an 80 mph cut fastball. :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be a distinct pleasure if he and Joe Morgan would take their “skills” and say inflict them on the Japanese…They both give the word “stupid” a whole new meaning…I wonder if they have a standby maintenance guy to wipe up the drewl :crazy: :roadkill: …duuhhhh or as Carlos Mencia say "di di dehh"
On the other side of the coin it was a pleasure to see and hear Harold Reynolds again on TBS, I was hoping he wouldn’t be forever banished. He has a great teaching knowledge of the game and is an outstanding observer…even if he is a horndog.

Yeah I watched that game and I was absolutely disgusted with Timmy Mac. That was a brutal performance. Hamels hasn’t thrown a Cutter in his life. Atleast when you announce the game, do enough homework to know what pitches he throws. For crying out loud.

Sometimes I wonder how Joe Morgan was a HOF-amer with some of the garbage that comes out of his mouth.

P.S., will someone tell Ryan Howard that L.A. is going to throw him a bazillion sliders from righties because he has a weak top hand and can’t get to that pitch. Pretty simple math tells me he’ll hit a groundball to the right side.

Well Howard stands so open and so far from the plate and uses a tremendous bat… there have been times in Philly when he’s been scrutinized for standing so far from the plate, because if you watch at bats from different years his stance is always a little different. There are times when he seems to just sit back and lean back, and just throws the bat out there.