Omaha Comp? CF3?

I am thinking about buying one of these bats for my son for 8th grade baseball. Any thoughts on which is better?

This is just a personal choice for me, but I actually dont see many other people following the same path. I absolutely love my omaha. I get great contact with it and shoot lasers everywhere with it. I cant say anything against the CF3 because I have never used it, but I have no complaints about the omaha.

i really like the alloy omaha’s. never used the comp though. But IMHO, the CF3 is the way to go if your getting a composite bat.

Well all composite bats have been proven to travel a little bit shorter than the regular alloy bats (Exogrid,Stealth).

Try a little bit farther

Well I guess this all boils down to It’s not the bat that makes the hitter.
It’s the hitter.

dont forget personal preference

Yes and the bat always has to feel good for you personally.
Good point

Thanks for your replies… :D. Sounds like they are both good bats. He is moving to a drop 3 for the first time and doesn’t like the Exos or Stealth’s for some reason. He hits with quite a bit a power but doesn’t “go yard” that often. Lot’s of doubles and triples though. He loved the Nike Aero Torque with the orange handle and black barrel but the new model of that bat doesn’t seem to be nearly as good.

I have a related question regarding durability. I have read some places that maybe composite bats are less durable than alloy and that you have to be careful not to use them in cooler weather. I don’t want to spend $200-$300 on a bat only to need a replacement in a month. If the performance is similar between say an alloy Omaha and a comp Omaha or CF3, and the alloy bat will last longer, obviously I would prefer the alloy. On the other hand, I have also read that some are of the opinion that the comp bats are able to have a larger “sweet spot”. Can anyone comment on the durability and performance difference between say a regular Omaha and the comp version and/or CF3?

Check out this link interesting stuff.


I noticed this topic and pondered that DeMarini is now into its CF6 series. With the new season quickly approaching, players are searching out new equipment. While the newest and ‘bestest’ stuff is out there, last year’s best can be had for pennies on the dollar. For example a 2013 exogrid 3 can be had for $77 in comparison to its original retail in 2013 of $299. CF5s can be purchased for under $100. If you are the parent of a youth player, and you find yourself buying new gear every year, there really is no reason to spend top dollar on the newest stuff when last year’s top of the line can be purchased at bargain basement prices. Honestly, especially where bats are concerned and they all must adhere to BBCOR .50, is the difference in performance worth the extra $100-$400? Yes, I said extra $400. The Easton Torx bat retails for $549!!! OMG!!

The classic Omaha has also been reborn for 2015 by Louisville Slugger. I purchased a drop 5, 2012 Omaha, which my son absolutely loved by the way, for $49 (originally $149) brand new with full warranty last year and purchased a drop 3, CF5 for $89 (originally $299).

So far the most elusive bargain has been on the All-Star CM3000SBT catcher’s mitt. It retails everywhere for between $324 and $349 and very rarely goes sub-$300, but I did manage to get my hands on one for $277 and free shipping after much work and more than a few telephone calls.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, before you lay down that hard-earned greenback for essentially rental equipment (that’s what I call it when the kid is only going to use it one year and never touch it again), do your homework and then you can use that extra money to buy a few more tickets to MLB games this season to build memories that will last you both a lifetime!