Older player returning to college?

I’m 28 years old. I used 1 year of eligibility of college back in 1999.

I never finished college and i am hovering around 50+ credits.

I’m wondering if there are any Divisions of college baseball that I would be eligible for?

I know you will be eligible for NAIA. I don’t think you are elgible for NCAA and I am not sure about a JC.

I found this under the NAIA Rules. Not sure what it means exactly

"10. YOU MUST be within your first 10 semesters, 12 trimesters, or 15 quarters of attendance as a regularly enrolled student. A term of attendance is any semester, trimester or quarter in which you enroll for nine or more institutional credit hours and attend any class. ( Summer sessions are not included, but night school, extension or correspondence courses as applicable to this ruling.) "

10 Semesters… I have attended for 5 semesters, used 1 year of eligibility. But that was in 1997-1999 that i took those classes.

I wonder if any of this has a time frame… meaning that it must be done in 5 years or something? I can’t seem to find anyone that knows the details of this.

I know in the NCAA rules it says that you have 5 years from the first class. NAIA i believe your age doesnt matter as long as you are enrolled in classes and according to what you said you still have some classes you could take. I would look for a phone number on the NAIA website and they should give you the info you need. Hope it works out.

Now I gotta find a good school that’ll suit me.

I wonder if all NAIA conference are aluminum? It would be sweet to find an all wood conference!