Old School

A baseball club had a coach who had the nickname of Old School. He got that nickname because he took a dim view of anything new. It was even said that he didn’t even have an alarm clock.

On his birthday, the team gave him a party at a local bar. He had a great time and closed bar along with two other coaches. Seeing how the man didn’t have a car and it was in the wee hours of the moring, one of the coaches drove him home.

After pulling into the driveway and wishing him well, the driver couldn’t help but notice a large Chinese gong in a second floor widow.

“What’s the gong for coach?” the driver asked.

“Oh, that’s my talking alarm clock.” the old coach replied.

“ What?” the driver responded. “How does it work?”

The old coach made it upstairs to the second floor, opened the window, then took a large wooden
mallet off its holder, swung back and … GOOOONNNNNNGGGGG!!!

Just then they both listen to a chorus…


Yep… there’s no school like the old school…

Coach B.