Old Man wants to Pitch Again

Ok, ok, by “Old Man” I mean 27, so the only really old part comes in terms of baseball years.

I’m taking up baseball again after about 7 years off that were chalked up to kids, marriage and what have you.


Grew up LIVING baseball. “Ace” pitcher from the years when I was 11 till I was 18. Great command of the strike zone. Won multiple awards for pitching throughout, scouted by Jays, Expo’s and Mariners. Taught Soundgarden (90’s Grunge Rock Band) how to pitch. lol

Got sick of the stress and how it felt more like a job than a game. So many people expecting so much from me, so like an idiot I rebelled and quit.


Last August I fractured my pitching elbow and strained my wrist badly. I need some advice on excercises to do to strengthen them. This spring I up and decide that I miss baseball and would love to try it on for size again.

Problem is that I’m outta shape, not horribly so but I’m a little above weight for my height and I haven’t had this little arm strength since I was 14. Throwing about 82mph when I was throwing 88/89 when I was 18.

I pitched in my first game last Friday coming in to relieve for 3 Innings. It went awful.
High Point Struck out 8
Low Point Walked 8

My control is allllll over the place. I need some advice on whether I should post some video of my throwing and have some feedback on my mechanics or lack there of. lol

I LOVE being on the mound. It is one of my favorite places on earth. Thanks for reading my rant. I’m also wondering if I should skip baseball this year and just get my wrist and elbow back in shape before persuing ball again so I don’t hurt myself worse. =)

Whether you delay a year to let your elbow and wrist heal would be a discussion for you to have with your doctor. And if you do have that discussion, make sure you come away with a rehab program if one is appropriate. If no rehab is warranted, I’d still recommend working your way back into pitching slowly. If you walked 8 and struck out 8 in the same game, I’m guessing you threw quite a few pitches and that would concern me if you haven’t really worked your way up to that load.

Thanks for the reply Roger. I do want to go to the doctor and get it looked at as far as how it is healing and what not. The problem with me is that I never have the time with 4 kids, their extra curricular activities and my work there never seems to be time. It’s important and I will do it.

As far as the pitch count went… absolutely I threw too many pitches. It seemed like every batter I faced inevitably ended up going to a full count as I struggled with my control. That game was on a Friday and they wanted me to pitch in Game 2 of a double header the following Sunday. I declined and ended up basecoaching the whole two games. I was fine with it because I knew my arm wasn’t up to it.