Old clips

Well I was browsing YouTube and I came across these great clips.

Go to this:


They’ve got some great clips from guys like Dizzy Dean, Bob Feller, and Walter Johnson. Check it out!

Unbelievable… those effortless throws! :shock:

I don’t understand how they get that arm whip!

Then again, things were a lot different back then…

It’s crazy. Cy Young threw SHOs in both games of double headers multiple times of his career. Wow.

also the average hitter wasnt that good so…

Where’d you get that from…average batting average in 1930 (min. 100 games played) was .297 by my research. 9 teams posted a team batting average of .300 or better – only one since 1937 has done so. Call me a baseball nerd ('cause that makes sense :slight_smile: ) but I figured it out by:

Book knows all.

i was referring ot Cy Young

InitialNoticeBlack just posted an amazing almost 10 minute movie.


Might I also suggest “When It Was a Game.” I have all 3 and they are incredible.

I always enjoyed the story about Walter Johnson (skuterball vid:Walter Johnson profile) where after a batter took 2 swings on the first 2 pitches he walked back to the dugout. The ump said “Hey you got a third swing coming!!”, then the batter turned and said “And you can have it!! It won’t do me any good!!”. Great story about the greatest pitcher of all time.