Old Bruce Sutter footage

does anybody know where i could find any old footage or pictures of bruce sutter and his splitter?

You could sign up to be notified when the 1982 WS collector’s series becomes available:

Sutter saved two games in that series, so that would be worth seeing.

There’s currently available a ‘summary’ DVD of three '80s vintage WS the Cards appeared in, but I have no idea how much Sutter might be featured on it. Presumably the 1982 series might be emphasized on that disc because they won it in 7 games.

Another option might be to make contact with some of the private collectors out there–I know of one who is sure to have some game footage of Sutter. However, these guys are not cheap and you can’t always be guaranteed of high-quality video from them.

He was on the MLB Channel this afternoon in a classic Cub vs Cards game…the Sandberg game. Look in their video archieves.

yeah i caught the tail end of that game…right in time for the home run…thanks guys