i have posted questions in previous posts but i want to make a poll on the best exercises you can do for your arm/body

i am askin this because i have had arm soreness and want 2 develop my arm into a healthy state

Well, one good thing to do is throw - not pitch - regularly including long toss. But if your arm is sore now, then you may need to rest it to let it heal before you start up.

Rotator cuff exercises - aka “Jobes”, “Throwers Ten”, and elastic tubing exercises - are good to do as well.

An you explain those or give me a link

Go to the top of this web page and find the topic bar called .

“CLICK” on to that topic and you’ll be brought to a page that has many titles on it, one which is called

“CLICK” on to that topic and you can find just about anything that you’ll need to answer any and all of questions.

Steven Ellis has provided a wonderful site here that’ll help you develop in any direction that you’ll want to go. Just take a few moments to browse around that information “topics” bar at the top of this web page … it’s loaded with pro advice.

Coach B.

Throwers Ten can be seen