Ok so i hurted my rotator cuff

ok i was playing around last night, and somehow i lifted my left arm(pitching arm) and felt a big crack inside my shoulder then a sharp pain and lost of strength in my arm, it seems to be stabilized now but it stills hurts in my shoulder a bit and the pain seems to go sometimes in my biceps triceps

now i know i should go see the doc and all that, and ill most likely do it soon, (i need to wait for my pay to go to the clinic) but im looking for some info from baseball people, to do specific things related to baseball. what do i have to do when do i have to do it what happenned? and all that. i have the whole winter to work on getting that shoulder and arm back full strength so im up to the task.

You should really see a doctor. It will only get worse the longer you wait.

Sorry to hear that! Let us know how the doctor visit goes…

ok so here it is, the verdict was that i had a slight dislocation of the shoulder coming from weak tendons this is usually something from birth, it turns out i had numerous rolled ankles so i guess i could have weak ligaments. so now ill have some physiotherapy and ill see a sport medecine doctori dont know how it’ll turn out, i basically start the whole thing next wednesday. i really hurts when im pitching, i can feel something was torn or pulled. i’ll have some x-rays to see if its anything more serious but really i highy doubt it. now it makes me rethink my whole mechanics though, its putting me all back in question, do i come back throwing the same way, i mean its not like i had any success with it, im am nowhere near pro. do i become a lefty specialist, drop my arm angle and try something new, or change my mechanics approach with something like tom house or mike marshall, you know right now i think i just have way too much time to think…

I pretty much had the same thing actually. Get your mechanics checked out and throwers ten helped me out alot! pain started coming right back when i was slacking on the workouts!

btw Im guessing u also lost some strength in your hand/forearm after pitching when it did hurt?