Ok, here are another ones

This one has the full body view. I just tried to relax the upper body this time

Are the indoor shades inspired by Kei Igawa? >.>

Nah, Kelvim Escobar

I see a few things that need work:

(1) Posture. It appears you lean toward 2B and, when you lift your knee, you also lean back toward 1B. Try to eliminate all that head movement.

(2) Stride. You don’t start forward until after the peak of your knee lift and then you reach with the front foot/leg instead of letting the front hip lead the way through the early part of the stride.

I recommend working on these issues. I think they’ll make a big improvement once you’ve fixed them.

I noticed something that needs immediate correction. If you pause the video at a certain point in the video you reach a position when your arms form an M. This is very dangerous and can cause arm problems. Look at Mark Prior and compare him to Greg Maddux. Of course we all know how Prior’s career has been.

Notice how maddux forms a W and his elbow never goes above his shoulders. Then look at how healthy his career has been compared to others with the M. There are many other good examples of the W (Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson, Jeff Francis, Nolan Ryan)

I’m very aware of that. But it’s my reflexes; I cannot help it but to do that

Sure you can. It’s just a matter of desire, practice and good coaching.

Oh, and Joba, there’s no hard evidence that the M is what caused Prior’s problems. There could be other variables at work there. We just don’t know. Same goes for Maddux’s durability. There’s no cause and effect evidence that the elbow height is what made him so durable. It’s possible but it’s not for sure. It could very well be a combination of genetics and the fact that he does not throw very hard. I propose that the harder you throw, the higher your risk of injury. The corollary to that is that the softer you throw, the less risk. Maybe.