Oh no

I see CardsWin has been in this sub-forum too, resurrecting ancient threads just to pad his post count. :roll:

Just realized that myself!

He has been all over the place lately. I find myself reading a thread, about to comment, then take a quick look at the original post and find out it’s from 2007 or 2008. Hmmmm… :?

Is there something wrong with that?
I just searched for unanswered posts and started commenting on them.
I’ve got private messages admonishing me about the old posts,
and some people have posted on those old posts- since I did (I wonder if they realized how old some were.).
Some people really got their feathers ruffled when I responded to some posts from 2006 or 2007.
I just thought,
maybe somebody has the same question and instead of making a new topic for it,
they could just look at when somebody asked that question before.

The issuse is for those of us who read and maybe participated in the old threads end up re-reading them. And, if nothing new is added to the discussion therein, then it’s largely a waste of time for us.