Oh Man! We gotta let this guy know how we feel!

Lanky Lefty…OMG!

Last post on his log says this;

[quote][b]Huge win today in the semifinals, against a heavily favored team. We managed to jump to a 3-0 lead while our #2 pitcher was throwing the game of his life, a no hitter going into the 6th. The other team was grounding out nearly every play. He gives up a run in the 6th and works out of a jam, and then in the 7th walks the first two batters, so the coach brings me in to close it down, with runners on first and second.

Their 2, 3 and 4 hitters are coming up. I zip three fastballs by the first guy - done. Next guy gets the same rough treatment. Final guy I start out with a ball outside, but refocus to K their cleanup hitter on the next three pitches for a total of 10 pitches and a ticket to Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen on Sunday.

boy am I pumped. They might even send a reporter to that one. So far despite being the first place team in our division we haven’t really had anything written about us, and we’re still seen as a nobody and an underdog. I’ll change that on sunday, and prove that it’s not a fluke we’ve made it this far.

1.0 IP 0BB 0H 3K 0ER

season stats:

35.2IP 11H 11BB 6R 2ER 72Ks 3HBP 3SV 7W 0L[/b][/quote]

This my friends is one of our own and this whole site needs to give the man his due!!

Heres one huge one from the state of Fla!!


I apologize if the clip offends anyone…please endeavor to get over it… :wink:

Atta boy, Lanky!!!

Way to get after it!

Good job dude! Are you getting the start on Sunday?


By the way, your season stats are great:

35.2IP 11H 11BB 6R 2ER 72Ks 3HBP 3SV 7W 0L

The K’s are terrific!

Lanks, when you pitching again?

Congratulations Lanky!


:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Way to go. Look forward to following your college career and beyond.
Good skill on Sunday.(You don’t need luck.)