Oh boy! I think its time for a break

Man im all messed up

I practice throwing on flat ground most of the time and i throw alot

I threw a bullpen today and was throwin like high 70’s!!!OFF THE MOUND

IM A 88-90 MPH DUDE!!!

time for a break.
I never feel pain or anything but that was definetly a sign to take a break.

Ok do you use tubing?
If you don’t I would start to because after the games it would be smart to build up the muscle that you are tearing down to keep the arm healthy and strong.

You will notice that you arn’t throwing as low as that because the arm is strong from the tubing and healthy its time to take a break and do some tubing to get the arm strong again.

i worked with elastic bands
and i workout shoulders

but lately i havent

i feel no pain or anything but yea i think its dead arm

[quote=“RawTalent”]I practice throwing on flat ground most of the time [/quote]There’s one problem!!! You’re trying to take mechanics and timing from flat ground and apply those to a downhill environment. PM me and I’ll send you a pic I doctored up to illustrate the point. It’s all about timing of the parts. Your body knows “throw now”, while the front foot hits the ground at a certain, very specific height relative to your back foot. Then you get on a mound and your mind/body is still saying “throw now”, when your foot is at the same height but it still has to drop and move forward some more before it lands, now that you’re pitching on a downward slope. The overall timing of the parts is completely different.

Get on a mound a lot more!!!

D i think your absolutely right. Because When i pitch off flat ground i use everything with perfect timing. I lift, load, accelerate my legs to the max stride which is about 6’2 and then my torso delivers my shoulders and arms.

But when i have been pitching lately I dont feel that elastic energy. All I feel is my shoulder trying to accelerate my arm which doesnt generate enough torque and arm speed.


I need to fix this Before Saturday. I have a tournament in PA.

You know what to do. Get your timing right on a mound if you’re going to pitch from one. Give me your email address and I’ll send you the pic that will show exactly what I mean.

Is this the first time this has ever happened to you?
If it just the first time it’s ever happened…I guess I understand all of the drama. Do you think your stuff is going to be electric every time you toe the bump? Some days for what ever reason you can throw a little slower or faster. If your mechs got all that screwed up maybe you should look into a little coaching. I remember you and Ristar weren’t very happy with the results you recieved once from a pitching coach, but I’d bet you could benefit from a little bit of adjusting or a little bit of self adjustment training.

I had a trainer but his mechanics he taught me slowed me way way down. So i stopped using trainers because they want to teach you what works for Them rather than what works for you.

My email is

Dullavin12@yahoo.com DM.

And ill record a quick 15 second clip of my delivery so you can see it.

Well I wouldn’t let one bad guy turn you against anyone. You are and have become educated. I would suggest to you though that your minds eye isn’t necessarily the best judge. Shop with your wallet…look around, there has to be someone of repute that won’t “mess” you up. Sometimes changes have to be subtle and over time. The point I was also making is that you are not going to throw at max velo every time you throw, don’t get so down in the dumps, was it a good bullpen besides speed? Did you hit your spots, change speeds, have movement? Always honestly assess your training in terms of the big picture. If you were completely bad, well, shrug it off, re-dedicate to your mechanics and get back at it.
DM has an excellent point. You more than likely need to analyze your training regimine to maximize focus on areas where you need to improve and leave behind stuff that isn’t as helpful.