When it’s the offseason like now, what should you do more: lift or throw? Right now im going to the gym about 4 or 5 times a week maybe even 6 … i do legs and shoulders on days when I have hard track workouts b/c thats what our coach wants us to do… so thats maybe twice a week… then i do chest and back then bi’s n tri’s… I haven’t thrown in a while, so should I start even though I’ve been lifting for a while?

I’d say that you want to start throwing, even if it’s just of the light variety. If your lifting that much your body is going to be changing. I’d start light tossing atleast just to keep the delivery there.

Are you doing any core abdominal exercises? Don’t neglect some of the most important stuff just to get big beach muscles for the chicks!

yeah i do abs like everyday and im constantly workni on my legs cause of track and I’m a sprinter so thatll help

when i lift during the week i usually run and then throw against a brick wall at my school for like 15 min before i lift. I try to do that like atleast 3 times a week to keep my throwing in tact while im lifting