Offseason Workouts

I am planning on doing the offseason workout schedule from tuffcuff, but am trying to find the time to do it. My team will start practicing for next year in August, and I will also be doing a fall league until the middle of september. My team will practice from August to the beginning of the season. I am wondering if it would be recommended to do the strength exercises even though I will be throwing pretty often at the same time, I want to gain more on my fastball, and want to do the workouts. But at the same time, I am required to attend these practices.

If this helps I am a 13 year old who will be going in to eighth grade. I already throw 67 on my fastball and want to increase it. Any and all help will be appreciated.

You’ll be fine - if you feel overtaxed, take it easy. However, Steven’s TuffCuff program is comprehensive and you’ll see results over time by working with it.

" I am 14 and going to go into High School next year. My season ends in July, and my fall season starts in September. What should I do during this period? Should I use a 60-day throwing program, or use workouts?"

So what are you really?

Doesn’t matter Tbh, but…

Longtoss, and armcare will help a lot…

Oh sorry, I was asking the question for my friend who is confused on what he should do. Sorry for the confusion.