Offseason workouts... help w/ drills & targeted mech twe

Just closed out my sons 13U season & headed into offseason workouts before we shut down for 3-4 mos.

His pitching coach is the HS Asst he’s hoping to play for & we do weekly bullpens through early Sept.

We focus on a couple of key points to iron out for next year & general conditioning etc.

This offseason is focused on timing. My son is top half dominant & gets into high cock position/early rotation well before foot plant. We’ll work on the herschiser drill, cross over, glove stablization, hand break etc to get the timing & lower body clicking with the upper half.

My question is more imagry or verbal cues… I’m a student vs accomplished pitcher.

So far I’ve given verbal cues of “stay sideways til just before foot plant”… “feel the stretch/spread of ur inner thighs as you stride sideways to target” “let the arm come up slowly a little behind the posting of the glove side” “time it so your arm/ball gets to high position just at foot plant” “dont rotate hips till you are 24” down the hill" “ride the back leg & post the glove til right before footplant”

What are some verbal cues to help my son with the timing of firing hips & the cue to correctly fire hips?

What cues can he feel & what movements can we focus on to help him stay closed & let the arm get up at the right time?

Any training drills, cues or thoughts relative to timing & dynamic lower body movements are appreciated.

I hope I dont create a tall/fall vs drop/drive thread here!

Thx in advance.

One tool that was very helpful to me and everyone else I have shown it to is The Pitcher’s Power Drive ( It is a great alternative to the Hershiser Drill. It will help teach leading with the front hip and gives a loud audible click to drive home to point when front hip leading is executed correctly.