Offseason Workout Schedule and question

hey guys whats up.

This is my current workout schedule for the offseason. Can i please get some comments/tips if they are good or not.

Lower body-
Calf raises
Walking Lunges

Upper body-
Bicep curls
Skull crushers
Dumbell Bench Press
Push ups
Forearm Curls

Russian Ab twists
Side Planks
Wood Choppers w/Medicine Ball
Walking lunges and twists w/20lb dumbell
Ab twists w/MB
Bicycle Crunches
Leg lifts

So ya do you guys think these are good exercises. I do Legs(monday, wednesday, friday) I do upper body and core(tuesday, thursday, saturday).

I like to sunday off just to give my body a rest but i have been experiencing some serious muscle gain. I have only been doing this for 1 week so far. I plan on doing this for the next 8 months.

Also what are push/pull exercises and do they really matter do my exercises have a good amount of push/pull ratio.

I was also planning to do upright rows and inverted rows for my upper body. Is this a good idea?

Lol sorry for all the questions, but ya what would be 2 more good leg exercises, as you see i only have 4 exercises. Would like 2 more please.

I don’t think you have enough leg workouts.

How about leg extensions and curls. Any plyometric or explosive workouts? Pitching is a very quick movement, make sure you stay explosive. I would also recommend you doing a lot of sprinting.