Offseason Training Routine Help

I am going into my junior year. I am a left handed pitcher throwing 80-82 consistient. I want to get to at least 85 by the time spring rolls around. I reccently started P90X doing the doubles. Here are the things I currently do. Please give suggestions to more excercises to do and how often. Thanks.

-Resistance Bands
-Letting a 5 pound weight hang back to make my arm more flexible
-Putting my elbows on the 2 walls facing a corner and trying to make my nose reach the corner to gain flexibility
-Medicine Ball Exercises
-Long Toss
-Bench Press
-Running Alot

Quit doing P90X. Get in the weight room. Get on a well balanced program that includes a lot of single leg work, core training, and compound exercises like front squats, deadliest, cleans, pull-ups and push-ups. Medicine ball work is great too. Also focus on gaining/maintaining mobility in your thoracic spine. One pec stretch isn’t nearly enough to keep your shoulder capsule healthy.