Offseason Throwing

I live in the northern part of the country and the weather is really cold with a lot of rain or snow for at least 8 months of the year… My team practices indoors at a facility but there is only room there for a batting cage. We work on our swings all winter and only play catch and pitch a little. It is almost impossible to long toss or play catch with weighted balls or anything like that when we are only there a few hours a week hitting as a team. Any suggestions?

I’ve seen kids on here say they set up a net or an old mattress in their basement or in a barn and throw into it as if throwing long toss (but on a lower trajectory, of course). Think outside the box.

I am as well from the northern part of the country and what I always do is go to an indoor facility like your talking about and just throw into the net as if I am throwing long toss. there usually is enough room to get a solid crow hop and just throw it to the end of the cage.