Offseason Question

Now that its time for rest and then offseason, should I still be doing Rotator Cuff exercises? Should I do those everytime as long as i throw a baseball for my career?

The key to answering your question, is with those three (3) last words … " for my career."

If you plan on playing ball, pitching specifically, as a profession, there is no off season. Your total existance centers around the nutritional and physical requirements that your body - that equipment from the chin on down, demands. Hence, your diet will change slightly, by consisting of intake in many small meals daily (about eight times a day) and your exercise routines will be strictly dictated depending on any stress load management, considering any of the following, or combination : (a) enhancement, (b) stress/injury rehabilitation, © sustainment and limited regression, (d) addition and/or elimination of certain style(s), deliveries, pitches. You will also consider your equipment (body) to be in “parts”, and thus focus your attention and workouts (a) through (d) as needed, but at the specific direction of a very highly paid professional skilled in this area.

On the other hand, if you’re not a professional at this point, you should consider other things in your life that will not allow you to workout to a schedule, maintain a diet that supports that schedule, and thus track your improvement or sustained abilities.

So, simple floor exercises, roadwork (running a mile or so a day), light tosses, and other routines that fit your schedule is normal for a youngster. On the other hand if your an adult with a job, family to support, and so on, life centers around those priorities first.

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Coach B.