Offseason Question

hey guys whats up. So i know this is a little early but i was wondering about the offseason which is coming up at the end of august i know their still is 2 months left for me but i would really like to know something.

Question: right now i am about 5’10 and 165 pounds. Now i know i am not done growing yet because i keep getting taller i think. I am currently 17 years old and i think i might have one more growth spirt. ANyways i wanted to put on some more muscle mass. Right now i am really really ripped and have a nice body but i want to really go over the top and put on about an extra 15 pounds so that i would be at 180 pounds. Would this be okay or would i lose flexibility on my pitching arm and loose veloicty?

I knwo how to put on the mass but i need to know if i can do it without losing my fastball veloicyt.

Right now i am doing heavy weights on my legs and doing good workouts for my core and i am getting really big legs. If i add a heavy workout routine for my upper body then i can possibly put on that 15 pounds. Is it okay to do this and is it okay to lift heavy with my upper body. I really want to put on some mass.

Hey man that’s good question. Alot of kids are concerned about this same sort of thing and I think I can help. About a year and a half ago I was around 170lbs and I got together with a PErsonal Trainer. He told me to drink protein shakes with milk after I worked out. He also told me to eat a lot. The key is not to overeat and stop working out. As far as velocity is concerned it should remain the same. If anything it will go up because there is more force being thrown with the ball. If you got any other questions let me know

hey thanks alot dude. Ya man i got alot of questions lol. I have been playing baseball for about 12 years and there is always stuff that everyone can work on. Do you have email or anything like that dude. or do u want to answer my questions on here.

Thanks alot appreciate it

ya another question i had was this:

I have been reading about Alan Jaegers long toss program which sounds pretty good. It says that you should stretch your arm out at different lengths. This is what i do instead:

I stretch my arm out playing catch at about 40 feet then 60feet. I then just go to about 90 feet do a few throws and then 120 feet. But when i am doing these throws i am not stretching my arm out. I am throwing them on a line and throwing them hard. I eventually get out to about 280-300feet and i throw about 20-30 throws here. Will i see improvement in my velocity from doing this or should i do alan jaegers program where you stretch your arm out at 300feet then do the pull down method and come in like that.

But ya sorry if it don’t make much sense. But ya i want to continue to do long toss. I don’t know if i should do long toss like this or do alan jaegers program.

Also i am pretty sure that Joel Zuyma was on alan jaegers program(i am pretty sure) But ya he has blown his arm out like 3 times i think which ya makes me a little uneasy about follwing a program so in depth.

Also Joel Zuyma is my favorite baseball pitcher so don’t mean to be slamming him or anything.

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