Offseason program for an adult pitcher?

So I restarted playing at 31, after a 15+ year break. I play in a Sunday morning league, have had the opportunity to pitch a few times, and would like to be in a better position to start the next season. Considering the amount of time I took off from the sport, I wasn’t too bad. No arm pain, velocity has improved throughout the year, and of course, I’ve been working on control.

That said, I’ve had a haphazard approach. During the season, I’ve tried to get out at least once a week, between games, and work on it. With my season coming to a close, can anyone suggest a more structured approach and workload, for someone my age?

Are you looking for weight training or throwing or both?

Throwing. I’m already following a weight training and conditioning program. I’m just looking for suggestions on how frequently I should throw and what sort of volume.

Search around on here for throwing programs.

Steve offers a lot on this site

this out]Check this
and [url=[/url] for starters

I had found some, but I wasn’t sure if there were any special considerations I should keep in mind because of my age. I’ve been slowly increasing my throwing, and trying to listen to my body. I’ll keep doing that, and look into the links you provided, as well as other content on the site.

Thank you for the replies.

Age doesn’t matter one bit my friend I know a guy whose 50+ who still plays in a weekend rec league.

You’re doing the biggest thing already and that’s listening to your body.

If you really want to get serious you can set up specific days to throw flat ground sessions and other days with actual pen sessions coupled with some long toss and weighted baseball work along with mechanical work on top of just some regular light throwing. And then there’s specific drills for increasing your accuracy like the strings.

Also don’t forget to do some routines to protect the tiny muscles in your shoulder i.e. 5lbs. dumbbell routine, jobes, tubing etc.

Hope this helps.

Funny enough, the only shoulder pain I’ve ever had was not from baseball, but how I sit at my work desk, of all things. Switching mousing hands and a light db routine helped clear that up.

Well that’s always good.