Offseason Pitching Workout

Does anybody know where I can find a good offseason workout routine for pitchers??

Well, Steven Ellis’ Tuff Cuff program has gotten great reviews.

I have written a brief article on my workout program, (3rd place article in the link below, the other workouts on the link are fairly solid as well). Although I am currently changing some stuff up from that program, and in the process of writing a program for myself for the upcoming offseason.

LBarber4 has his workouts posted in the pitchers log section, and he can point you the right direction.

Also KC86 has posted some of his workouts, and can also point you in the right direction.

While I’m not qualified to talk about how Steve’s program is setup, I will say the programs used by myself, lbarber, and kc differ bit. All based on making you a better athlete though. (There’s more than one way to skin a cat you know).

KC are total body workouts, with some circuit style work.
Lbarber has a lot of explosive work in his, mirrors, the Renegade Training concepts.
I, myself have been influenced by a lot of sources, but it is basically a conjugate style program in which you do max power, and explosive repetition work in the same week.

Sorry to not necessarily give a direct answer, but to each his own. I have done well with my style, and lbarber has done well witih his (he has all his details in the logs area), and kc’s workouts are extremely intense and athletic.

I will tell you to stray away from most any magazine workouts, or any body part splits (bodybuilding style) that have you doing a back-biceps day, chest-tri day.
Those are not the type of workout that will make you a better athlete and pitcher.

Very well stated Centerfield. Congrats on the article.