Offseason (Fall and Early Winter) Workout

Make sure you use a weight that you can handle doing every rep. Go slow on the negative, explode on the positive. Pitching is about explosion. This workout has helped high school freshman gain up to 6+ MPH. Do the ab workouts until failure.

Click this link. Then click on the grey download button. You must have Microsoft Word to view the file.

for those who don’t want to download the file, this is basically your standard high school workout. Lots of machine and isolation movements, not at all geared towards strength or explosive power development, with rep schemes in the 12-15 and 20-25 rep range. It’s obviously better than nothing in that it is a form of strength training, but the set/rep scheme and exercise selection screams “bro workout.”

It should be noted, I managed to gain about 8 mph from freshman to sophomore years of high school (73 to 81 mph) by following similarly structured programs, but for novices who have virtually no weight training experience, ANY type of weight training is going to have a huge impact on performance. I’ve had to train much harder and smarter to gain the following 8 mph.