Official World Series Predictions Topic

Ok ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the World Series Prediction topic. Just put your vote into the poll and post with a World Series games prediction Ex. “Dodgers win in 6 games” and then just give a small explanation as to why you think they will win.

Rays in 7 over the Dodgers. I believe this because the Rays have to great pitching to shut down the Dodgers offense and the Rays offense has been great lately, but it will be a dog fight to the end.

rays in 6 good pitching and as kaz said offense has been great.

I have a friend who plays for a pro-football team (not NFL) but he grew up in CA and went to USC, so he roots for the Dodgers. well anyway I was talking to him and we got on the subject of WS and well we both think its gonna be Dodgers/Rays so till them its a bunch of arguing who is better :lol: :lol: :lol: CHRIS THE DODGERS DON’T HAVE CRAP ON THEM RAYS!!! BOOYAH

Dodgers over Rays in 7. Sorry, maybe the Rays can turn me after a strong showing in the ALCS, but right now I think the Dodgers are better. I hate Manny more than anything in the world and with all my guts, but he should go nuts.

Rays in 6. Longoria has a walk off HR for the win

no love for the red sox? come on guys, they are the defending champs coming off a series win over supposedly the best team in the al. sox beat rays in 5 or 6 then beat dodgers.

Rays in 5 over Phillies.

Ill go rays in 7 over the Dodgers. The rays have better pitching and i think theyll find a way to stop manny.

Wow, you guys are absolutely out of your mind if you think the Rays are going to win the World Series, let alone beat the Red Sox. The Rays are a poor man’s Red Sox, with less experience. The Bo Sox have 3 #1’s in Dice K, Lester, and Beckett. Not to mention a great back end to the bullpen. They also have the deepest lineup in the league getting production from every spot in the order. The rays are a good story, but comeon, their run is over. Red Sox in 5 over the Rays.

As much as I think Beckett is the most intimidating pitcher of the generation…his last start wasn’t him (I think he’s hurt)…I am officially apathetic now that the Cubs took a dump all over…team of destiny comes to mind…I think it’ll be the battle of 2 of em…but (God I hate to predict this)…Joe T. will make the difference…him and that crazy free spirit with the funky hair… L.A. in 4!!! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
The Rays had a great year Kaz but when 2 teams of destiny hit the field it will come down to coaching.

The Red Sox are the World Champions until some other team beats them…

I’m sticking with the Sox in 6 with the Rays putting up a good fight but lacking experience.

Phillies over the Dodgers in 6…see ya Manny

Red sox over the Phillies and Philadelphia wishing they hadn’t gotten rid of Terry Francona…well,… Red Sox over the Phillies anyway.

Hammer you say that they have most deep lineup in the league?!
Mike lowell is hurt. Ortiz? have you seen his numbers so far. And beckett we all know what has happened so far this playoffs with him. Even if the red sox make it to the series i dont think they will be able to shut down the powerful lineup of the the phillies or the dodgers.

Arrrggghhh—whichever two teams make it to the World Series, I have just one wish—that they beat each other to a pulp. 'Nuff said.

BTW, I’m still on track to win …

Rays in 5 over the Phillies :slight_smile:


Well I’m officially stupid!!
LA wasn’t anything but Cub killers…My wife is a better judge of pitching talent as she said no way the Phills would be beat before the Series :bowdown: She beat me like a pinyata at a hyper-active kids birthday party… :shock: I am unworthy of prognostication…Oh well I called the Rays so I was half right…May they hang a banner at the Trop to spite my better half, less I never ever hear the end of it :chair: red be momma…dealin all over the old man…[size=9]help me!![/size] [size=9]call the police[/size][size=7] Call the police[/size]

Even though it’s their first year in the playoffs, I think the Rays are the favorites.

Of course, my Phillies will win. :wink:

dont jinx them bakersdozen rays havent finished off the sox yet. not sure about this kazmir shields switch. dont want to awake a sleeping giant and hopefully that will wake up the sox offense and they will take 3 in a row.

Alright…Before Dice-K and Kaz take the mound I will officially throw in the towel after predicting the Red Sox to go to the World Series. The Sox might eek out a win tonight but with Papi in the tank, with Beckett pitchin like crap and Lester stinkin it up and words words words…I’ll prepare for the worst. By the way, where’s the sense of urgency, they look like a whipped dog and listenin to T. being interviewed, man he was down. I hope someone gets a little fired up and makes the Rays go back to Tampa to claim the crown. Thing is I think some of those guys with Boston don’t even care to fly south again.

If Steve is right everyone that posted on here should buy a copy of “Tuff Cuff”.


Oh yeah, JD domestic violence is a vicious circle. You need to quit makin boneheaded predictions so that you don’t trigger another beating. You might consider a protection from abuse order. :inlove: