Off-Speed Trouble

It seems like every time I try to throw an off speed pitch, that my mechanics just completely change, including my arm action, my stride, everything. I just can’t get comfortable gripping the circle changeup, and its becoming a big problem. Please help.

if you’re not comfortable with the grip throw like that playing catch and back it up as far as you can and start airing it out. then walk it back in and start throwing it harder as you get closer. the only way to become comfortable with something different is to do it.

also don’t think about throwing an off speed pitch. just think about pitching. i know it will take some time to get there, but ideally you will be able to just change your grip and go, nothing should be too different that you will see any drastic changes in your mechanics.

You could be slowing your arm down instead of trusting the grip and pronation to take enough off the pitch. That will throw things out of whack for sure. Keep your arm speed with that of your fast ball, trust the grip and pronate to your comfort level. If the grip doesn’t work, experiment with others.

I think I know what he’s getting at. You think that the grip feels “soft” so you start gripping it too hard leading to your wrist being too tense and you overthrow it in the dirt. Then you try to relax your grip and throw it again but it feels like you’re not getting anything on the ball and it turns out looking like a slow pitched softball. Is this about right?

You can try out different change up grips, maybe like the one Trevor Hoffman

If it doesn’t work out, you can try learning the fork ball or splitter as your offspeed pitch. Although they will have more downward movement than a changeup.