Off speed at young age


I have been having my nephew throw 90% Sliders since 9u travel. His fastball was 54mph at the time. He has now almost completed 12u and his fastball is only 56 but slider continues to be unhittable. Over the last 4 seasons he is 62-7 with an ERA of .87 and a whip of 1.0 (ish). I never pitch him more then 60 pitches on a Saturday and no more than 100 on a Sunday. The most he has thrown in 1 contest was 131 but that was with no Saturday outing and it was a big NIT game. He did throw 24 innings at Dreams Park last week but that was a one time ordeal. I watched a YouTube video that shows how to detect structural damage and he appears ok. He is 5’6 125 at this time. He does play on two other travel teams but I’m not sure how much he is throwing or hiding from me? Does the velocity of +2 over four years make sense? Any advice as to him being shut down for a couple tournaments? Thanks guys.


Jesus, it sounds like your kids going to be seriously injured before high school. Breaking balls at 9, he throws way too much, plays way to many teams. It may not be he hasn’t gained velocity, it may be he can never throw at full force because his arm is always dead.


This is a joke, right? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


He should be throwing almost, if not, all fastballs. Only off speed he should be throwing is a change up. Doesn’t need to worry about a breaking ball arguably till high school.


Sounds like a troll to me.


Familiarize yourself with the MLB pitch smart program. I surely hope this is a troll post… 24 innings ouch. At his age I think the limit for a game is 89 pitches then that requires 4 days rest.

He is going to crack his growth plates and be done.


Thank you guys for the input, you now have me worried. The travel ball tournament directors always go by innings(3 Saturday, 6 Sunday) so I figured we were OK. As far as the slider, I thought if thrown mechanically correct it was OK. His mother and I have decided to shut him down until December, Instead of tournaments we are going to take him for pitching lessons 4 days a week to work on proper form and develop a change up. Thanks again.


USSSA travel ball rules for pitching 7U -12U no more than 3 innings to pitch next day and no more than 8 innings in a 3 day period. Nowhere is 9 innings mentioned. Additionally any pitching coach that would give active pitching lessons 4 days a week should be avoided. Trolling


All World is not USSSA and used to be 9 total in a tourney up until last year. You could even pitch 6 them 3 which I would never do.


I thought so too & decided to look up the rules for Dreams Park tournament. He is correct, no limits. Think it said coaches discretion. That being said I believe the pitches thrown for the youngsters age is insane. Not to mention 90% sliders?


Go to Dreamspark and look up records. One kid threw 32 1/3 innings between Sunday and Thursday.


Dreampark is a great experience for the kids. It is probably one of the worst experiences for the safety/health of pitchers arms. At a minimum, they are playing 7 games over 4 days…it could end up being 9 or 10 over 4 or 5 days. Very few U12 teams are set up with enough pitching to not over work kids arms. Just because they allow kids to throw 32 innings or 24 innings…doesn’t mean they should be doing it. A roster with 11/12/13 kids with maybe half of them truly being pitchers can’t get through the number of games if there are limits. A kid that was throwing 54 at 9 should never have been taught a slider. He should have been encouraged to continue to throw it hard. Now after extreme overuse and throwing all sliders he can only throw 56 4 years later. That’s a big surprise!