Off Season Workout

I need a Workout to work on my overall strength and help me with velocity, I have coach Krebar’s workout and I wanna know how I should go about developing my changeup, I’m not sure what grip to go with, should I do three finger until I get it down then try the circle or what?

I had a problem getting my changeup to feel normal as well.

The easiest way I found was to throw a 2 seam fastball but instead of using my index and middle fingers on the seam I used my ring finger and middle finger. The grip will naturally choke back the ball just a bit and give you some movement to work with.

Try it and see how it feels.

Just a suggestion.

ok thanks I will try that I’m going to be throwing a bullpen during practice today so I’ll give it a try

I tried that grip today it felt good, but there wasn’t much speed reduction if any at all, its not just with this grip either its with every grip I try, I’ve done three finger, Circle Change while pronating the wrist but nothing works, I was able to locate with this new grip with ease though I just need help on getting it to slow down more.