Off-season Workout

Here are the workouts i am planning on doing this off-season. Please tell me if there is something that needs to be changed. I am targeting my back and legs. If you have some lower back exercises to add let me know. This will change, but i plan on doing something like this 6 times a week. Lower, upper, and plyo’s twice a week.
Lower Body

Squats 3x12

Lunges 2x12

Leg Curl 2x12

RDL 2x12

Leg Extension 2x12

Calf Raises 3x12

jog 1/2 mile
sprint 4x100yds
Backwards 2x40yds


DB exercises (2x12)
post delt
lateral raise
full can
anterior raise
external rotation
internal rotation

Rows 2x12

push-ups 3x12 (weighted vest)

upright rows 2x12

tricep kickback 2x12

bicep curl 2x12

reverse grip pull-ups 2x6

Wrist extension 2x12

wrist curl 2x12

jog 1/2 mile
Bow 'n arrows 4reps

scaps, med ball, & plyo’s
Overhead swims 1x15
Snow Angels 1x15

Box Jumps 2x10
Tuck Jumps 2x10
Side to Side 2x10
One leg Side to Side 2x10
Max Vertical Leaps 2x10
Skater side to side 60sec

Power throw into ground 1x8
One arm power throw 1x8
Granny Toss 1x8
Overhead throws 1x8
Pinch & shotputs 1x5
Twists 1x8
90 degree push outs

Straight Crunches 1x15
Scissor Kick 1x15
90 degree feet crunch 1x15
v-crunch 1x15
side crunch 1x15
roll-ups 1x15

what template or guidelines are you basing this on? I have a few thoughts but I’m curious how you went about designing this.

I got most of it out of Tuff-Cuff. I added some exercises to the upper and lower workouts, and also added the med ball, plyo’s, and scaps day from some exercises from Tuff-Cuff, and others from off the internet. I forgot a few things. I will do supermans with my core and also backwards butterflies with the upper body day. I will add horizontal rows into the scap workouts, and the cardio as well as core will be done 3-4 times a week, not just twice. I also do a warm-up (pro warm-up out of Tuff-Cuff) and stretch when i’m done. What did you see that could be changed?

I like what you’ve added a lot, actually. 6 days a week is a lot, even for pro guys in the off-season. Make sure you’re strict with your nutrition and sleep – you’ll need a lot of both, but you’re going to be really happy with the outcome.

steven- and everybody else too, i guess.

wouldn’t 2 days of plyos and 2 days of lower be overworking you muscles too much, rendering all that extra work useless?

That third day isn’t all plyo’s. That is also the day i do do my scaps and med ball throws. I guess i will have to see how my legs feel on that day. I just did my leg workout yesterday and discovered i have to move the sprints to the other days b/c it is nearly impossible to sprint after a hard leg workout. I had trouble jogging. I will have a day or two rest in between the two since my upper body is between my lower and plyo’s. Does anyone else have any thoughts?

I just recently started taking care of my nutrition and what i eat, looking forward to the benefits. Thanks for your help Steven.

Why don’t you just do a full body workout 2-3 days a week.

It seems like it would just get to be too much in one night and eventually your body would tire and you wouldn’t get the max benifit. To do all of these exercises in one workout would take a long time. Now once i start throwing i may cut them down to 3 times a week, and just take out some of the exercise so it doesn’t take so long. This winter i need to straighten out my mechanics and it is going to take a lot of time, so i will have to cut down on the time in the weight room. What do you guys think about just working the upper body once a week? I would add some of the back exercises into the scap days.