Off-Season Work

Just starting this program, I am playing some showcase ball for the next month and a half. I only have one weekend off in that time. Do you think I should work in-season or off-season program? Also, I am a high school senior throwing around 85 hoping to really put on some speed by the time the season comes aroud. I would like to be throwing about 90 to 92. Should I work the college or high school program? And one last thing, is it alright to throw in the winter in the cold even if there is snow on the ground because I live in the foothills of North Carolina.

Question one: yes, you should be utilizing both a off-season and in-season routine. The only difference is a decrease of intensity with the in-season regime.

Question two: I’m not sure what you’re asking

Question three: I would say if it’s below 30 degrees, then you should avoid throwing outside. I played in Southern Illinois, so I understand the cold weather. If you absolutely have to throw outside, make sure you’re wearing sleeves, and even a jacket.

You definitely should find an alternative to throwing outside under extremely cold conditions. Just ask your school if you can use the basketball court or some inside facility. That’s what my team did when it was below 30 degrees