Off-Season Velocity Training With Tuff Cuff/Driveline Baseball

Hello I am Murray Ruggiero I been using the Tuff Cuff manual as well as the Driveline weighted baseball programs. I am a college pitcher and this summer taking the summer season off. I am trying to gain velocity for when I go back to college in the fall. At college this past year I was clocked 66-68 topping at 69 MPH. I was shocked I threw this slow when they clocked me one of our last games. I was clocked on the stalker gun at a local facility 2 weeks ago at 70-72 MPH and hit 73 once. I was so happy I was starting to see a change. Doing your Tuff Cuff program and the Driveline baseball weighted ball programs exactly how it says. I been sore the last few days been doing the workouts 5 weeks now. I clocked myself with my arm sore from the workouts and was back at 66-69 again with a sore arm. my question is: is this normal and common with the programs to be this sore? Also to be sore and to be back the velocity I was well throwing sore? Will my velocity increase into the high 70’s? I was doing so well seeing a 4-5 MPH jump in 4 weeks and in week 5 being sore and going back to my old velocity can anyone please help me what is going on? What should I do? is this normal? Any help would be great

Thank you,

I don’t know the details of the Driveline weighted ball program but I am familiar with the NPA’s Velocity Plus Armcare program (also a weighted ball program) and when doing the Velocity+ program, the NPA recommends doing no other programs at the same time. This allows you to hit the Velocity+ program with 100% intensity while not over-doing it. So I’m going to guess you should back off on Tuff Cuff while doing the Driveline program. This should keep you out of a deficit which is probably where your drop in velocity is coming from.

Might be over doing it, as Roger mentioned, but I wouldn’t stop conditioning…that’s not the big league model.

How many days per week are you throwing regular, long tossing, throwing with weighted baseballs, and throwing bullpens? Are you throwing any live BP or games?

ANY program that has a mix in it because of your decision to do so, must be monitored closely by a competent coach who TRACKS your process, step by step. Here’s why.

This Driveline business is just that, a business, and as such has certain limitations to it/them because of your independence. They - Driveline, has little if any control of your election(s) to inject other material/decisions (Tuff Cuff) on top of what they’re doing. If everything is cleared by Driveline, then THEY SHOULD BE THE ONES ANSWERING YOUR QUESTIONS HERE, NOT US. Do you understand what I’m telling you?

Let me go one step further here. Your experiences are not all that unusual in the amateur world of conditioning. Your striving for something that requires a ton of cold hard cash to reach. Your benchmarks are in focus with matching wits with those who you either admire or want to be like - velocity gains being one of the top ten (10). Driveline and other service providers can only provide you with information and hands-on when your there WITH Driveline. All other particulars that come into play start to unfold AFTER you LEAVE Driveline and you’re on your own. Self training in this sport has never been a favorite of mine, regardless of the method or methods. You shouldn’t be your own trainer off line when others have a lot more competency and experience while doing that for a living. You’ve elected to use Driveline as a service provided - THEN USE THEM TO THE FULLEST. Talk to those people about your conditions and how to avoid those conditions. That’s what those people do for living - not you.

I have no thoughts on Driveline or any provider like them. It’s up to you to sense the benefits and get your money’s worth each and every visit. Again, talk and listen to the advice and experience of the competency and benefits of your purchases.

I agree with Coach B. If Driveline hasn’t provided instructions about what other work you should or should not be doing, ask them.

In my experience Driveline is very responsive and will answer any and all questions.
There is no substitute for being at the facility or with the trainer/coach in person, but, at least they will answer questions.

This is a good idea just don’t want to lose any gains I might have gotten so far. It is hard to know what I should do I need to get my velocity up but do not want to over-train.

I am throwing Monday, Weds, and Friday with the Driveline weighted ball program and doing your Tuff Cuff program 6 days a week. These are the only two programs I am doing to try to increase velocity. I am not throwing bullpens or in games this is why I am shocked I lose velocity. It is not like my arms tore or hurt I can still pitch just I gained 4 MPH few weeks ago and lost it. I am back to where I was. I am only throwing 3 days a week this is why I am confused,

Okay coach Baker

I emailed them hoping to hear back from them soon

Thank you I emailed them hope this will help

It is normal to drop during the program and pick it back up at the end of the program. Read Kyle at drive lines blog posts on his website. He explains it I’m better detail and simply explains the program in greater detail. Or call them and explain the situation.