off season throwing

really looking to increase my arm strength this off season. any tips, drills, suggestions? Any opinions on weighted balls or long toss benefits? thanks

For a workout, I would suggest that you take a pulley (or large rubber and attach it a strong, firm base such as a metal pole attached to the ground in concrete or something just as strong. Stand with your back to the pole with the band gripped in your hand and pull it out infront of you as if you were trying to throw a ball and hold it there for a while before letting it fall back. My friend used this workout for some time, increasing his fastball by six mph from the high 70s to the mid 80s.

thanks, i heard of pitchers doing this along with quarterbacks like tom brady, so theres got to be something to it. Any ideas of how many times or how often to do it?

The best things to do would be a 5lb Jobes workout, theraband rotator cuff exercises, and a medicine ball workout. What i do with the medicine ball is like 20 over head throws, 20 sit up throws, 20 chest passes, and then russian twists with it. Ill do this like 3 times through.