Off season throwing

i was just wondering what throwing drills i should be doing in the off season…ive been doing long toss and have heard many things about it being good and bad…

Long tossing is perfectly fine. EVERY major league pitcher does it. All are especially required to do it in the off-season. This long toss vs. no long toss argument that you’re referring to is completely ridiculous. There’s no such thing as “not long tossing” in college and professional baseball. That argument only comes up in the “online vacuum” of some instructors’ websites – and it’s plain nuts. Long tossing is a great way to build a good “throwing base,” which will enable you to progress to throwing off of a mound safely and effectively during the off-season.

Should you long toss? You bet!

Here’s an article on a couple of long tossing programs you can do in the off-season, right now, (and in-season).

For me, I simply don’t have the time to long toss, nor do I have a throwing partner, nor do I have the space to do it. The little bit of time I can find to throw between work and family, I spend it throwing 60 ft against a wall, working on mechanics. But that’s just me and my logistics…

Long tossing is probobly helpful, sure. The stuff I’ve read online (Mills) that dismisses it seems to say that your time is better spent working on pitching. I tend to agree that mechanical work is priority number 1. But if you got time for both, all the better.

thanks steven ill be starting to long toss then

But what would be suggested to someone in Andrew and I’s position where we done have the distance nor the partner? All I’ve been able to do is throw at a net a little less than sixty feet away.

You have to make do with what you have, I am a high school coach in a northern state, we are stuck in a gym so the length of the basketball court is what we have until we get the weather to go outside. My question is how long should kids play catch in the off season, 10…20…30 minutes? My goal is to have their arms as ready as I can when the regular season starts.

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