Off Season Stuff

Whats up guys… what do you reccomend for stuff in the off season… should I throw or just lift or some of both… then maybe around like january… just loosen the arm maybe 20 min of throwin but close stuff like 3 days a week for a bout 2 or 3 weeks… then long toss like 3 times a week till the mid of feburary? any help would be good

What level are you playing at?

jv and prob varsity… so both … highschool. my coach told me 2 lift usin this workout he gave me as a like base… so im doin that untill like january ish then ill start loosin up the arm till liek march

Yeah lifting can never hurt in the off season… I play in college and we just finished up our fall season, we had 2 weeks off and now were lifting 4 days a week with a specific program, and it is recommended that we long toss at least 3 times a week. We start practicing again in Mid January to get ready for the spring. It is good to stay in shape in the off season so you are ready for the season, and ahead of everyone else. So it seems like you are on the right path.

Good Luck

oh yeah … thanks for the help… yeah im 5’10 5’11 like 150n tryin 2 put on some weight maybe 10 /15 pounds of muscle… I throw prob like low 80s maybe 81 82… lefty… gettin a good deuce… and my changeup pulls up alot so it makes my fastball look gross… where u play?

I play at alfred state in New York. We just finished up our fall season and now were starting our lifting program until we start practicing again in January. I didn’t mention before that it’s important do shoulder exercises 2 or 3 times a week to keep the rotator cuff strong and prevent injury.

oh nice… is that d2?.. my friend plays at uconn and same with his… his fall ball just ended… yeah i do shoulder exercises like stretches and stuff thats all i do for my shoulders… so my cuff stays like healthy… i dont do any lifts

yes it is D2…those are one of the most important exercises especially for a pitcher… also using elastic tubing or thera band if you’ve ever heard of that, they are both very help in strengthening the shoulder.