Off season strength training manuals?

Anyone know of any GOOD pitcher specific off season strength manuals, books, programs??? If so comments the name or site for them, GOOD ONES!

My favorite exercise is push-ups but make a “T” shape with chairs to push off of. My personal favorite book was “Coaching Pitchers” by Joe McFarland. If you need it right now, us this
Good luck!

TuffCuff (by Steven Ellis who owns this site)

Thanks for the response. I own Tuff Cuff already, I’ve had it for about 4 years already and it’s been great. I see that he came out with Tuff Cuff “pro” and I sent him a message on here asking about the differences between the two to determine if I should get the newer one but he never responded so now I’m just looking for other options for my sons off season workout program.

“Fit To Pitch”, by Tom House is a good one.

Florida Baseball Ranch has a pretty detailed manual. I would suggest getting a program that is personalized for you though. Go do Driveline’s mobile assessment and go from there.