Off season for 10yr old?

Hi There,
My son just pitched in his last game for the season and he is already talking about how he wants to work to get better for next year.
His velocity has gone up since I worked with him with some suggestions from this site. His accuracy has suffered a bit but is still pretty good.
Here is a video from his last game:

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for what we can work on from now until fall ball or next season. Should we just play catch and pitch once in a while to work on mechanics. Maybe a low level long toss type program. Maybe he is too young and should do nothing.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, if you see anything on the video that stands out as something we could work on, that would be great too.
Thanks for you time.

I have an 11yo. We try to take 3 weeks off baseball in the summer, before fall ball practice. On the video, his leg front leg kicks out on leg raise and his back knee collapses. If his velocity is good then maybe chalk it up to being his style. See what a few others say. He seems to have an aggressive movement. The one thing I would change is keeping the front hip closed longer.

I would work on his glove. It flies open (to his left), causing him to open up early, and likely the cause of him falling off to his left. Glove should be held out front longer, firm, opposite-and-equal to this throwing arm, with his body moving toward the glove as the glove is tucked into his body.

I also agree that glove control needs to be cleaned up. But, other than playing catch, I’d let a 10yo have the summer off to just be a kid.

Here is a pic of my 10 year old’s summer training program :-). His LL All Star season ended the day before this pic was taken

Is there a fishing pole and box of worms close nearby…a charcoal barbecue with hot dogs, chicken, steaks and venison burgers by a fire ring? Drinks? Maybe a brother or sister to torture. And some bug juice. Hershey bars, marshmallows and graham crackers. Binoculars and a magnifying glass to zap ants with. A canoe or kayak and/or a bike…and a tent with sleeping bag. All necessary items for total off season workouts.

Between wc’s pic and Dino description I want to go camping now…

Thanks for all the great advice. I will definitely put it to good use.
And we’ll be at the pier this Friday catching sardines for the grill :slight_smile: