Off season conditioning amount

My son is 15 and pitches for his High School team. After summer / Legion ball, I purchased the Tuffcuff for his off season conditioning. The book prescribes 3 days a week and the workouts take about 30 minutes. Maybe I am from the old school, but this does not seem like he is being pushed as hard as he should. My question: Is 3 days a week for 1 1/2 hours enough workout?

It should take longer than 30 minutes. I have tuff-cuff and it takes me about an hour, more if you count the cardio. The stretching, warm-up, and core work takes almost half an hour.What phase are you in?

I’d try the workouts first … and if after a week you still feel like it’s not enough, shoot me an email.

like steven said try the workouts first and see how much hes being pushed. then adjust the amount of time