Off Season and during please help

Can someone please help me im looking for pitching drills to do off season and playing season.and could someone please tell me how many days of the week should we practice on pitching during off season. my son is 13 . he does long toss just looking for other things to do to.should he throw so many pitches per day to stay in shape and what are some exercises to do to help him get into shape. thanks for everyones time

Have him work his legs. Leg strength is where the volocity comes from. And don’t over throw. Get him a thero band. Thero band is great exercise for the shoulder and get him ready for his up coming season.

Theraband is a great start, and so is working the legs but at 13 i still think just being active will be sufficient i dont think you need to have him run 20 min a day or anything like that.

I would say look around or ask on here for certain mechanical drills for your son such as just making sure he hits his balance point to making sure is stride is correct etc… if possible i would suggest getting a video or atleast a few pictures of your son and there are plenty of people on here who seem to really now how to break down a pitcher and could help you find some excercises for your son to do to help him get better.

towel drills.

have him take his stride and count 4-5 steps from the planting place of his glove side foot.(for me it’s 6-7 b/c im a big boy).have a partner hold a glove over his foot. then have him take his stride and no follow through. keep his legs apart and rock. front back front leanforward and try to hit the glove.(if he misses scoot up, if he hits it e-z scoot back.)thats the rocker drill.(don’t let him follow through make him stay in one spot.)
this promotes getting out there.

for this one mark a spot in the ground and count 4-5 steps from the planting place of his glove side foot.(for me it’s 6-7 b/c im a big boy). hold the glove over his glove foot. this time let him restart his motion every time.lets him get out there :slight_smile: :smiley:

Here’s one that can be done indoors so the kid won’t freeze his tush off. I used to do this when I was a little snip, 12, 13 years old—I would find a good catcher, and I would mark off a pitching rubber and sixty-feet-six-inches away a home plate, and we would play a game we called “ball and strike”. This was more than a drill—the objectives were to sharpen up my control, to work on certain mechanical aspects such as driving off the lower half of the body using the legs, the hips and the torso to get the power behind my pitches, stuff like that. We would go at it for an hour at a time; the catcher would position his mitt in various spots, high, low, inside, outside, and my job was to hit those spots. It was great fun as well as a good workout. :slight_smile: :wink:

I know it’s not a drill but pitch and pitch repetition is helpful

Above all, throw, throw and throw some more. Do lots of throwing, even if just playing catch, and do 20-30 minutes at a time. That’s one of the best ways to strengthen the arm and build up flexibility at the same time. It has been said that a would-be pitcher has to be able to throw, and throw with intent, before s/he even thinks about pitching. And think seriously about what your best pitch might be, and build your repertoire around that. 8)

What I do right now, which can be considered off-season is the following:

-dynamic warm up
-Long toss
-Weighted ball work
-Couple pitches

3 times a week

I wouldn’t rec commend weighted balls for him unless he’s super developed for his age. Instead of that, he can simply do 15-20 pitches after doing pulldowns from the long toss.

I wouldn’t have him throw aggressively more times a week than that, but he can be more than able to long toss lightly and/or play catch nearly everyday of the week.

But just like when you like weight, you shouldn’t lift the same muscles too many times in a week, the same applies to the muscles related to throwing.