Off Seaon Location Drill--

This is a simple drill you can do just about anywhere - even when the weather outside restricts your going to the park.

Take some old socks and stretch out a pair, then roll a pair back on themselves - then fold the top of one of the socks over - encasing both pair in a ball like. Do this with as many old socks as you can.

Get a box and place a book or some other weight in it so it won’t get knocked over when you toss the rolled up socks in it.

Start off with about fifteen (15) feet and toss the socks into the standup box. An exercise like this a few times during the week will keep your hand and eye in shape so the settling in during the preseaon isn’t so drastic -accuracy wise. And as strange as this exercise is - IT WORKS.

Coach B.

That’s great, I’m gonna’ have to do that one.

Interesting post … here’s one I try with my favorite pitcher :

  • Collect dirty socks off floor of bedroom, roll into balls
  • attempt to throw them down the hall into the laundry basket .
  • Repeat with dirty underwear and t-shirts

Short term goal is to get them into the washer … long term, to load detrgent and start cycle ( may be a stretch ) .

I knew an equipment manager that use to post something like this on our clubhouse locker room. In fact, it was just about word for word…

Coach B. :read:

I and my father and son have another version. Roll socks into a ball and then throw them at each other. My dad would get cocky and stick his tongue out. Dirty sock on my dad’s tongue made the gaining of accuracy extremely gratifying. Unfortunately for me, my son is much better at it than I ever was…



Speaking of the Hose Jr…how is his progress Hose? And it’s good to see you posting a little more lately!

This stuff gets way past cleaning around these parts…much damage from flying this and that :shock:

[quote=“jdfromfla”]Speaking of the Hose Jr…how is his progress Hose? And it’s good to see you posting a little more lately!


He’s in off-season mode, working out with a personal trainer (the whole team is, so I don’t know how “personal” it is lol), and working once a week with a former MLB pitcher. Last couple of years he had a 3 times a week pitching workouts with his other coach (Ron Wolforth’s system), and his velo picked up dramatically, so I’m kind of concerned about how much improvement we’ll see this year. However, he’s throwing in the low 80’s as a 15 yo, and now is the time to learn how to pitch in my opinion, something that a former major leaguer should be able to help him with.

The shoulder is doing fine. He got a couple of stingers this year in football on the same shoulder, but he is doing fine now. (He told me why he likes football so much, and I quote: Because it shows me just how much I love baseball!" lmao!) BTW, his High School team is playing for the 4A state football title tomorrow. He’s pretty jacked about it, too of course.

His season last year was up and down. He started out with a 1 hitter in the championship game of the years first tournament, and then hurt his shoulder (as I’m sure you remember). He was hesitent to let 'er fly for a month or so, but slowly started to get his confidence back and towards the end of the season was throwing good again.

He took a no hitter into the last inning of his lone start in the Koufax state championships last season, a couple of (bad umping…dad talking, here!) walks and a hit later and he lost his no-hitter and shutout, but still won the game. And he’s getting very good grades, which I continually impress upon him is the most important thing he has to do. So all is good this holiday season in the Hoser’s household.

Man, these kids grow up fast, don’t they? It was yesterday he was playing little league! Sigh…

Thanks for asking! Hope all is well with you and yours.


“The shoulder is doing fine”

Great, I know it feels like a relief you’ve never felt when he got back to right. So many thoughts eat at you. Well the grass is sure greener now :smiley:
I really happy for you and he. 8)