Off day Pitching Workouts

I am a high school coach and want to know what you guys do post game pitching days until the next start.
Besides throwing pens, long toss, pickoffs, running, abs…is there anything else I can incorporate for my pitchers? How about specific running or core training…pitching mechanic stuff…mental side?

My routine goes something like this, you can change things based on the days in between starts.

Sunday- 7 innings 100 pitches

Monday- 30 minute run, total body lift, light throwing based on comfort

Tuesday- 10-20 minute run with some sprint jogs based on preference, ie run 10 poles then 10 60 yard dashes, throw medium distance up to long toss

Wednesday- Second lift, if needed, with lighter weight depending on when the pitchers is scheduled to go again, good long toss and or a bullpen session, make sure to lift after all throwing

Thursday- Sprints, 10-15 60 yard dashes any distance keep short less than 15 minutes

Friday- Pitch again…

These can be varied as i said based on how many days in between starts. I know for most college pitchers, they will start the same day each week which allows for more long tossing and a longer bullpen session and or one inning in relief after about 3 days of rest. Given that you are a high school coach you may have the kids throwing every five days or so. This is just a rough example of a possible program.