Off a mound

do u guys think i would be able to put more into my delivery with my body when i am pitching off a mound instead off of flat ground?

In a word… no.
The idea is to try to stay closed as long as possible, until just before the stride foot lands. Then it’s a rapid sequence of hip, torso and lastly shoulder rotation. Lead with your front hip. Actually your butt cheek. After leg lift, you’re looking at the target, but your body is rotated so that your front hip points towards the plate. Show your ‘pockets’ to the plate. Lead with that front pocket. Stride sideways, rotate late. Stay closed.
Easy drill to get the feel for leading with your pockets: Stand in leg lift position, sideways to the plate. Have someone push your posting hip towards the plate. That creates the dynamic of leading with your front hip.
Start with that and then progress from there.