# of pitches to throw in a bullpen

how many pitches should i throw in a practice session?

A lot of it depends on how you feel, how much off season stuff you’ve done, and how much you’ve already been throwing. I normally go a few bullpens throwing 20(sometimes 30, depending how my arm feels) fastballs at about 90% I then ramp it up each bullpen and once I feel I can go 100% and feel good I start mixing up and mix it 5-10 of each off speed pitch I throw. Hope this helps

In the Cubs organization, we had a short routine and a long routine that we did during the week between starts. The short was 32 pitches and the long was 52-60 pitches. The point is to work all your pitches in and try to create some game intensity in your workout and how you go about your business in the pen.

When I threw between starts, I alternated between just playing catch and doing a bullpen session. With regard to the latter, I would begin with a few minutes of getting loose—just throwing for about five minutes—and then I would throw all my pitches, full windup, stretch, using the crossfire, intending to see how they were working. I threw maybe 45 or 50 pitches, high, low, inside, outside, and if I saw that one pitch was misbehaving I put stick it back on the shelf for the time being; the next day I would spend working on that one pitch to iron it out—fortunately, I didn’t have to do this very often. And if I had to relieve between starts, that counted as throwing every day.
And so I stayed loose and flexible, no sore arm or sore anhything for that matter. :slight_smile: 8)