Odd Muscle pull (I hope) in throwing arm

Yesterday Dave was pitching the last couple innings in the first game of a double header. He only threw about 35 pitches not curve balls or sliders, didn’t need to throw them. Only fastballs, cutters and change ups. Threw really well and finished the game with no issues. After about 5 minutes after handshakes after the game, he started complaining his arm really hurt bad, couldn’t hold a bat, couldn’t make a fist. If you hold your arm out palm up, it hurts him just under (towards the hand) where the elbow crease is on the fore arm, maybe an inch down from the crease. It was pretty cool outside 50 and windy. He does wear long sleeved under armor cold gear,and was wearing a jacket over it when he was on the bench.

After this happened he was icing his arm all night, and put iceyhot on when he went to bed. This morning said it wasn’t as bad, but still hurt pretty good. Am I jumping the gun wanting to take him to be checked out, or is this more of a spasm from the cooler temps. I know no one knows for sure, just wondering if this has happened to others.

One thing that I don’t think you should do is use the icy hot before bed…you are preparing the muscles to do something energetic with icy hot and then you aren’t doing anything, also some of the substances in icy hot need to be metabolized through the body and that doesn’t happen as you sleep. The best thing if it continues is to consult with a doctor. In addition a good regiment after the game too, run after pitching, I do 1 pole for every 15 pitches I throw and then if I have any discomfort ice 20 on and 20 off for 3 sets. The running gets my blood going and healing my body naturally, the ice is to keep any swelling that might happen because of pitching, sounds like you have the rest covered.

I think you should get him checked out.

Note that many injuries occur over time and then manifest themselves down the road. Without knowing your son’s background, this can’t be ruled out.

I think I had it buried in my post but I did say “The best thing if it continues is to consult with a doctor.” Good Luck man.

So far it has improved a lot. He can write with the hand again, but says its still a little sore. He is doing some light stretching with his wrist and I gave him a racket ball to squeeze. I’ll give him till tomorrow, then off to the Doc it is.