Odd call

Last year i came up to bat with a runner on 2nd in the bottom of the 7th with the game tied. The pitcher came set and threw me a first-pitch fastball right down the middle. I got ahold of it and thought it was gonna be gone, so I just kinda stood there at home staring at the ball. Well it ended up bouncing once then going over the fence so it was a ground-rule double that would’ve won the game. But then the field ump told me it was a balk, but yet he didn’t call it a balk until i was standing on 2nd base. I was just curious how he could take my game-winning hit back because i always thought he had to call the balk right as soon as it occurred. By the way, i ended up hitting a walk-off 2-run bomb to win the game.

Well the balk may have happened but if there is a base-hit then the balk doesn’t matter and it isn’t supposed to be called.

Exactly, I mean he was pretty much penalizing me for a mistake the pitcher made. Well…supposively made :lol: