Obbsession with style

my team has 4 pitchers including me, 3 of them… not including me
take their bullpen time to work on how ‘cool’ their deliveries look

they all have poor mechanics and are lucky to top out at 72-73ish

i see this as a waste of time

could you guys please post here your thoughts so i can show them and hopefully get them to work on the other parts of the delivery?

Tell them what’s cool is pitching effectively and getting outs. They should practice being effective.

Roger, you can say that again! I’ve seen too much of this sort of thing in the major leagues, let alone the lower echelons—pitchers who are so focused on being Spalding-Guide-picture-perfect they forget where the plate is. Conversely—I remember a relief pitcher the Cincinnati Reds had back in 1961. His name was Howie Nunn, and the appearance he presented was just the opposite: he wiggled and wabbled and jerked around like a rooster and threw his arms and his legs and his neck and just about every other part of his anatomy into his pitching delivery, and it looked very funny—except to the batters who had to face him, because he got good stuff on his pitches and was constantly getting the batters out. Cool is as cool does. :lol:

Nice comments all around, but I think you need to be careful in this situation not to rub your teammates the wrong way and come across as a know-it-all. Sometimes just leading by example, not saying anything at all, is more effective. But ultimately, you’ve just got to stay above this type of stuff that’ll only waste your time and take you in a direction you don’t want to go.