OBA Champs!

Normally don’t post much about success as I’m not one for attention, but I couldn’t NOT post this. Today our team won the OBA(Ontario Baseball Association) championships went a perfect 5-0 in the tournament. This is possibly one of the best teams I’ve played for, and the first OBA tournament win I’ve been a part of and I’ve been in plenty of them throughout the years. Even better is this is a new group of guys from a few different cities, and I feel next year we may also be able to win our league championship as well when this year(and probably next year) we were projected to be one of the bottom teams in the league. Got a pretty wicked hat from new era and a ring plus the chance to raise the trophy at home plate…real great weekend, topped off by a win today. Will post pics if anyone’s interested to see how the hat and ring looks.

So are these awards to be cherished like the Stanley Cup??? Are we talkin road trip here?
Well done Canuck :smiley: :wink:
I would be nice to see you get a little more sharing about what your up to…up there.

Thanks JD, you could say OBA championships are pretty important since it’s the only real provincial championships we have. I’ll be sure to keep more up to date with things “up here”…although where I am is more southern than 1/3 of the states :lol: