O NO i think i tore something

I was at the park yesterday pitching a little. I have a a some what high leg kick and i think i felt something rip by my hamstring. The pain is behind the knee but a little higher where there is a thin bone. Idk after that i tried 2 pitch again with my high leg kick but i cant. and when i walk it hurts alittle. Can anyone tell me whats wrong and would i be able to play summer ball with this? thank you

Okay. Instead of pretending to be a real medical professional, I would advise you to get to the doctor as soon as possible. If the pain is bad, go to the emergency room.

Leg injuries are not something you wanna mess around with (ask my scar tissue).

If you tore something, you wouldn’t be able to walk and you’d be in serious, serious pain.

You may have pulled or tweaked a muscle. Let it rest for a few days, put some heat on it, and see how it feels. If it still bothers you after a few days, go see a doctor.

not necessarily i have a friend that tore his acl and mcl and he can still walk smim and ride bikes… but i agree wait a few days go to a doctor maybe ice it a little elavate it…

Hamstring = Muscle
ACL and MCL = Ligaments

Believe me, you wouldn’t be able to walk if you tore your hamstring.

Tearing muscle is much more painful and dehabilitating than is tearing a ligament. The pain from tearing ligaments is caused mostly by the dislocation of the joint that usually accompanies the ligament tear.