Nyman's Rotational throwing for Numbies

Has anyone here ordered Rotational Throwing for Numbies? It looks pretty comprehensive, but I wasn’t sure if anyone in the forum has anything to say about it?

It may have some really good information but I refused to buy it…I just can’t consider myself a “Numbie” or is it “Numby”? Change the “y” to an “i” and add…“es”?

[quote=“Dino”]… I refused to buy it…I just can’t consider myself a “Numbie” …[/quote]I suggest you get over it and buy it. You’ll get some excellent information.

dm59 said

The use of the phrase “I suggest you get over it”, is often heard at the local bar just before a fight breaks out. It tends to offend most people.

For example, if I said…

“I suggest you get over the fact that i ain’t gettin over it and buyin it. Or meet me in the pissin contest thread. :!:”

That might tend to offend you…

Thanks guys you just hit my mind with this mental image :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

RTFN is ridiculously comprehensive and IMO would be worth the money even if Nyman charged $1000 for it. THere’s simply no replacing that kind of info which cannot be found anywhere else. Unfortunately, Nyman disappeared from the forums about 7 or 8 months ago so good luck actually getting your order confirmed. Nonetheless, I felt the need to express my feeling about this product, which has definitely changed my career for the better.

I didn’t even start the weighted ball program and I gained about 6-8 mph on flat ground from just backwards chaining using the concepts in RTFN. I transferred about 4-5 of that mph to the bullpen my first time on the mound this winter, but unfortunately injuries destroyed my progress and I have no idea where I’d be at this point had that not happened. When I get healthy i’ll resume training but I think that kind of mph in 3 months just from backwards chaining and not even doing the 12 week weighted ball throwing speaks for itself.

See this is what really has ol jd concerned, I know 2 guys that have totally emmersed themselves into Pauls programs…you and Futurekaz and both of you have come up injured. This is the cause of big time concern for me. It makes me think that he’s missed some crucial step and the outcome without the step isn’t good.

One of the weaknesses of Setpro, in my opinion, is that it doesn’t offer any kind of comprehensive training program that covers all the bases. It mainly concerns itself with throw and swing mechanics and how to best go about changing them and maximizing throw and swing capabilities. It does not (and this is intentional on Nyman’s part, I think) offer any structured workout, nutrition program, arm care program, stretching, etc. Therein lies ridiculous room for error and more specifically, injury, given the high demands that the BWBK type training put on the arm and body. Granted, Nyman repeatedly preaches the need for players to cover the above bases, but he does not offer a routine of his own for prospective numbies to follow.

Even though I’m a firm believer in his training concepts, in backwards chaining and in BWBK training, I have had a lot of difficulty with figuring out how to organize my training and this is where I think Ron Wolforth is so exceptional, essentially filling in all the gaps that Nyman leaves wide open.

Im not convinced that mine or Kaz’s injury is directly connected to the training (Kaz said a teammate yanked his elbow while doing an external rotation stretch) but I definitely understand what you’re saying. I wish I had found Wolforth a long time ago to fill in all the gaps and better safeguard myself against injury.

Which is why you should NEVER, EVER stretch with a partner particularly at the junior high and high school level where a lack of maturity (goofing around and not taking stretching seriously) can result in the END of a playing career. Stretch with your dad, a coach or a trainer, but you risk everything when you partner stretch with a teammate. I’ve seen it happen.

You know, I can’t think of a single stretch that needs to be done to such an extreme that it requires a partner.

Stretching the rotator cuff for external rotation scares the bejesus out of me!! That’s a specialist’s domain, if you ask me.

Totally agree, Roger. No need at all, unless, for example, and this is the only example I can think of, you’re coming back from a surgery and a trainer is partner stretching you to help you regain your range of motion.

Lanky, how are you incorporating wolforth’s program into the Setpro program?

Sorry, I’ve been off the board for a bit, and just noticed all the responses to my first post…I did attempt to order the program, which I agree is not sufficient in its own regard, but has a lot of important information regarding learning high level throwing mechanics…The only problem is that Nyman is nowhere to be found like Lanky described. I spoke w/ Ron Wolforth and Brent Strom in an attempt to see if they knew anything and both of them said nobody’s heard from him in awhile…too bad, because I was really looking forward to diggin into his information…Not saying he’s the be-all end-all, but some thought provoking stuff from what i’ve seen