Nyman quote: discuss

“There are many knowledgeable people out there. The problem is, the ones who know the most know how much they don’t know. And they’re not heard from because they know its ridiculus to make “absolute” statements about what works and what does not. That’s left to the salesmen, politicians and preachers.”

dick mills, anyone?

I think humility is necessary when coaching/leading for anything.
I agree that a person has painted themselves into a corner when they have made an absolute statement. I always point to most of the guru guys having “something” to offer (Most not all). I do recommend as a rule of thumb, discarding anyone on any level of anything who says they have all the answers. I also recommend thinking twice about anyone who tries to draw a person to them as an expert, by being critical of another “expert”. This way names mean nothing and the substance of what is offered is paramount.

I completely disagree with this, they may not have to actively market themselves but they are moved by internal motivations to give what they can offer (The name Baker comes to mind…)…they just don’t have to shout anyone down or say what is wrong with others…they just teach and look for better methods and processes to assist.
I would bet my last nickle that if Bear Bryant somehow had to leave Bama, he’d be seen teaching some kid somewhere…it was his calling.

Paul was right there are experts out there, you have to look…for results, for long haul…they are doing their thing…not selling it.

I think Nyman is an intelligent, dedicated guy and this quote has some truth to it, Lanky.

The “knowledgeable people” situation is a little more complex than, “…they’re not heard from…” though.

Good information is out there but some people can’t find it through all of the base-line noise, some people can’t tell the difference between quality information, poor information, and outright scam (and the scammers aren’t trying to help anyone with that decision), and some people just wanna have fun…that is, some may not want to go through all the due diligence work to figure out who-knows-what.

I’m not fond of Dick Mills approach–his advertising materials read something like the come-ons handed out by race-track touts. He might also be good at training pitchers but I wouldn’t spend any money to find that out because there are other good choices whose methods and business practices are more open to scrutiny.

the dick mills comment was mine, and was intended to spark strong reactions and a lively discussion.

I’ve always found that this particular site is very good at staying away from the “that guru’s no-good” talk, as well as statements of absolutes. I’m unsure what you’re hoping to achieve in sparking “strong discussion” about this. We all know that Mills and Marshall make some very sweeping claims that rub people the wrong way, especially Nyman. Also, he hasn’t been very shy himself in his talk about how lame everyone on the planet is, except himself, when it comes to pitching and hitting. So, I find that quote to be interesting, considering the source.